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Online Code Judging System (Version 1)

 The Beginner

<i>Judge is a system that provides inspection services for algorithms in various languages, such as Python, C, C++, Scala, and Raptor, in order to solve problems based on existing problems in the system. To facilitate those who want to practice basic programming according to their needs.


For teachers or those who are interested, I would like to open a course for teaching. You can create new courses in <i>Judge using existing problems in the previous system. Or you can create a new one.


<i>Judge has many types of exercises and tests. It's a programming type that can be checked in many languages, and there is also a quiz-type test for those interested in training their brains as well.


<i>Judge has a system to check the similarity of the algorithms in each code using the Moss system, making it possible to check for plagiarism. No matter how anyone devises it, we were still able to detect it.